USS Miller DE-1091

1973 - Chesapeake Bay

The skinny. You are hereby ordered to report to........
Doris D Miller Park, Waco, TX
Thank you for getting back to me. Stay tuned for more info to follow.
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Chamber of Waco

Waco American Legion Post. 

Lots of activity surrounding the Doris D Miller Memorial in Waco, TX,.  Ground has been broken with the dedication ceremony set in pretty solid stone.   

Right now I have some people working in Waco to help us enjoy our stay in Waco.  Hope to have enough stuff so if your there from the night of the 6th to Sat or Sun there is something to keep you happy.  

I AM ASKING FOR PERKS FOR MILLER CREW!  I've also made contact with Miller/Coors to see what we can get out of them, Beer, trinkets or $$$.  Also if you have pic's of some of the Miller/Coors stuff that we got from them please send me a photo so I can pass on to them.  

Larry is working on some fund raising ideas. Caps, Jacket and maybe more.  

TX volunteers I'll get to you in a little bit once I know more so I can steer you in the right direction.  

Anything I missed please ask so that I can address it.  Thanks for reading and I sure hope to see you in Waco to get Wacko!  Meet some great Miller guys from the last reunion that were onboard after I.  

Follow-up to contacts: